Rockport Texas

Rockport Texas Water Front

Rockport Texas
Rockport Texas Water Front

About Rockport, Texas

Rockport, Texas is a coastal community in the United States with over 8000 citizens. Rockport and Fulton intermingle which many refer to as “Rockport-Fulton”.

Welcome signs can be seen both crossing the bridge from Lamar, as well as coming into town from Aransas Pass.

Rockport Texas Welcome Sign
Rockport Texas Welcome sign shown when you come into the city.

Large windswept live oaks are a dominating feature of the area and the state’s oldest live oak, “The Big Tree,” resides on nearby Lamar Peninsula.

Rockport Texas Wind Swept Oaks
Wind Swept Oaks dominate the Rockport Texas landscape

The Big Tree

The Big Tree in Lamar Aransas County
The Big Tree in Lamar Aransas County

” The community is home to The Texas Maritime Museum

Texas Maritime Museum in Rockport, Texas

, The Fulton Mansion State Historic Site,

Fulton Mansion
The Fulton Mansion in Rockport, Texas

art galleries and many great downtown shops.

Rockport is a popular tourist destination for its beach, ski basin, and sport fishing. The city’s beachfront park has won awards for “The Nation’s Cleanest Beach“, and has been voted as the #1 beach in Texas

The city hosts several fairs and exposition each year including Fiesta De La Playa, Seafair-and a Wine Festival in addition to other cultural activities that make it an exciting destination for vacationers who want some relaxation mixed with entertainment venues close by on both land-based locations as well as water-based tours. Along with those mentioned above, there are also fairs and expositions, historic sites like the Fulton Mansion, and Key Allegro Marina which is popular during certain events such as The ROC or Babes on the Bay fishing tournament.


Whooping Cranes
Whooping Cranes at Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

Aransas National Wildlife Refuge has been attracting birders and whooping crane enthusiasts alike. The winter season is their time to shine as they offer tours of nesting cranes for anyone interested. Many local bird clubs such as the ARBCA have contributed greatly to preserving unique areas like Connie Hagar Sanctuary where many hummingbirds migrate through on their way south this fall!

Local operators are offering wintertime tours of nesting Whooping Cranes at large wildlife refuge nearby which sits near Aransas Bird and Nature Club that preserves some other reserves including one called “Connie’s Hagar” sanctuary with easy access from migration routes for several species of Hummingbird.

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  1. Andy,

    I got a message from you with a phone number. I was in the middle of working on the elections, trying to help out Bob and Katy. When it was all over, I went back to find your phone number and I can’t find it anywhere. I would love to talk. My phone number is 210-842-1805, and obviously you can text that number as well.

    I will tell you that I’m pretty disgusted right now, and we are seriously considering moving back inland. I even put an offer on a place near Cuero last week, but someone got an offer in before me. That said, nothing is done until it’s done. As long as I am here, I will keep plugging away. But the place we loved enough to move here is on life support, at the very best. Between them working hard to change it into South Padre, and the high taxes and windstorm insurance, I have less and less holding me here.

    Scott Hime

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