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Rockport Fulton Area Guide

24 hr Live Stream of beautiful Rockport Beach

We can’t always be in Rockport but we can now bring Rockport to you. Now you can check out what’s happening at the Rockport Beach anytime you would like via “LIVE STREAM” Camera view.

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Rockport man helps clean up canals with dead fish

A huge task.

NewsLocal News Actions Facebook Tweet Email Rockport man helps clean up canals with dead fish VIDEO: Rockport man helps clean up canals with dead fish By: Site Administrator Posted at 3:40 PM, Feb ... See more

Great reason to plan a trip. Get your tickets quick.

Rockport man shocked by $9,500 electric bill

Not good. If you can get a fixed rate plan it's much better.

As the price of electricity surged during the deep freeze that caused increased demand and decreased supply, the electricity bill for a Rockport man's home surged with it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Copano Bay Press

185 years ago today...

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