New Fulton Fishing Pier update.

New Fulton Fishing Pier

New Fulton Fishing Pier

Fulton Fishing Pier 2021
Fulton Fishing Pier Spring 2021

Fulton Fishing Pier update

The New Fulton Fishing Pier Update is that it’s now complete, and open to the public. The official grand opening was October 30th, 2021. The pier has some new state-of-the-art LED fishing lights that illuminate water for greater visibility of fish below surface level. You can go catch a few nice fish from the end of the pier. Anyone can walk down the pier without charge but if you’re looking for an even more interactive experience, bring your fishing pole to this magnificent structure!

The Town of Fulton finished building a little shack at the entrance of the pier where people fishing will pay $5 per rod in order to cast their lines into Aransas Bay. You can also purchase snacks there and will be attended to most of the time. It’s also completely free just stroll and check out what the people are catching.

Please be courteous

We do ask that you please pick up your trash and be courteous of others as this is a family-friendly place. There are bathrooms located at the beginning of the pier and a couple of bait stands nearby. Fulton Harbor Bait Stand & Aransas Bait.

When can I go?

The Pier is open 24/7 and everyone is welcome to come. The Pier is maintained by the Town of Fulton and was provided by FEMA disaster relief funding and private donors. Please respect the pier and those around you. Enjoy we hear the fishing is great.

New Fulton Pier Lights on
New Fulton Pier Lights on

Here is a Map of its location.

Fulton Fishing Pier

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New Fulton Fishing Pier seen from the Air
Large Crowds during its opening weekend
Fulton Fishing Pier February 2020 Still awaiting Demo and reconstruction.
Fulton Fishing Pier in Fulton Texas
Fulton Fishing Pier in Fulton Texas
The fish attracting lights made for some great conditions.

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Fulton Fishing Pier at Sunrise
Fulton Fishing Pier
Fulton Fishing Pier

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New Fulton Pier 2021

The New Fulton Pier in Fulton Texas reconstructed with state of the art LED fishing lights. Here is a drone video shot the day they turned the power on. The …

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8 thoughts on “New Fulton Fishing Pier update.

    1. From what we have heard that for now…. nothing. It’s an asset of the State of Texas and they do not have the funding to repair or replace it. Didn’t make enough income off of it to make it feasible. Someone should mabey try and buy it and make it fishable again.

    2. Stan,
      There is one at the end of the Rockport Beach. One by the Rockport Harbor, and One at the end of downtown where water street begins. I will try and provide a map for you.

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